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♥ A Community for Lee Jun Ki /이준기 Fans ♥
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6th-Apr-2008 03:39 pm - The King!s Man
I'm an european Jun Ki- addicted fan, I like his movie ''The King's Man'' the most, but I have only the short version. Does somebody know how to find the extended version? The short one has missing scenes... Please, help me!
17th-Apr-2007 08:50 pm - No Romance for Lee Jun-Ki and BoA

As mentioned in a previous comment here is some information regarding Lee Hyori's failed attempt at trying to get one of the biggest stars of the acting industry, and one of the biggest stars in the singing industry to get together. (Lee Jun Ki and BoA respectively.

Hyori revealed there could have been a romantic relationship between BoA and Lee Junki, a popular Korean actor. At Junki's birthday party on April 15th with his fans and his celebrity friends, Hyori said that she tried to hook Junki up with BoA because he seemed lonely.

According to an unnamed source, BoA and Junki met each other on Hyori's birthday in May last year. Hyori, a veteran in the Korean entertainment industry, is very close to both Junki and BoA.

But things did not go too well apparently, or at least not as well as Hyori hoped. Though Hyori hoped for a rosy outcome, BoA and Junki only ended up "remaining good friends" and no further advancements were made. 



It was also mentioned in the Canadian-Chinese newspaper Ming Pao Daily April 17, 2007. 

And somewhere posted in this community is a picture of Lee Jun Ki, Hyori, and BoA in the same picture.

Credits: Boangel @ Boajang [scans]
               ZZOOzzoo @ Boajang [original translation]

28th-Mar-2007 09:11 pm - gorgeous in caps
classy jjong
oppa in caps and hats. ^__^

30th-Jan-2007 09:51 pm - How Jun Ki got his scar...
Honestly, I have no idea either...

I saw baka_hanyou's post, and I stumbled on this picture accidentally in junkichina.com. Apparently it was an image posted on Jun Ki's cyworld in late 2004.

Not for the squimish...Collapse )
9th-Dec-2006 11:51 pm(no subject)
surfing the net
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sorry, but this community is now members only.
It's free and easy to join Livejournal so create an account to view.
Please remember to read the rules too. Thanks and have fun :)

Pic Credits: STARnews.
8th-Dec-2006 07:41 pm - Congratulations to over 600 members!
surfing the net
Time sure flies. I started this community shortly after I finished watching My Girl back in March. My Girl had just finished airing for about a month... subs were all out by then. After I finished watching I wanted to know more about our hot and talented Junki <3. Being the lj addict that I am, I tried to find a community on him but there were none at the time. It wasn't too hard to find information on him because there's Soompi but I knew some people can't access it and hence this community was created to serve the lj community for it's Junki needs ^^

9 months later, we have over 600 members so thank you for supporting this community and Junki!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As a little something special to celebrate I thought maybe we could do an activity for us all to know each other better so we can keep this the fun loving, informative and active community that it is.

So what does everyone think about filling out a short questionaire on what they like and then if you see someone who you think would get along with you can ask to friend them. It's a way for making new Junki friends and I've seen this being done at various communities as a sort of icebreaker so why not at leejunki too ^^

Please leave a comment on whether you think it's a good idea or not. Or anything else you would like to tell me (questions/concerns/improvements). Possible questions for the questionaire can also be posted. If there's enough interest then I'll go ahead and make it.

Once again thank you all for making this the great community that is it. It wouldn't be the same without your participation and love for Junki <33
8th-Dec-2006 01:32 pm - 30 Jun-ki icons!
eyeliner junki
I think I'm still really bad at making icons >.<, therefore I'm sorry if this batch turns out disappointing. :)

Well... the usual stuff still applies:
  • No hot-linking please
  • Comment if you are taking any (do tell me which ones you take because then I know the general preference)
  • Do credit orionstarrs if you use any
  • Textless icons are not bases
  • Do not alter them please

    I take my photos from a huge variety of sources, therefore I am unable to give proper credit. But if I have accidentally "stolen" anybody's stuff, please comment to let me know - I'll give you proper credit.


    Go under the cutCollapse )

    How could I have forgotten to do an icon of the happy KatC picture!! xD
    Here it is! I hope I managed to do a decent one:

    ^___^ Yay, mission complete!
  • 6th-Dec-2006 11:07 pm - Curious
    Could someone tell me where this pic is from?

    This oneCollapse )
    eyeliner junki
    I don't know who would be interested in knowing this, but I am, and so I thought I should just post this little update. :P

    Yep, so he updated his layout from a Christmas-y one to a "I love you. You love me" layout.

    Pretty sweet of him. And I personally love the cartoon picture of him imitating Tigger in his orange/white outfit with cute ears and the stripey tail. <3333

    No new uploaded pictures though.

    Go beneath the cut for the pictureCollapse )

    Oh and a little add-on, I came across these two pictures and I have never seen them before. o.O Pretty happy ones though. Junki has a cute ponytail.
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